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Nexus Furniture



 We sat down with Chike, CEO of Nexus Furniture to discuss how we can help him move his business to the next level -online. But to do that he’d need to have a visual identity, something that would represent his company both online and offline.
We began with his brand identity to developing his website and integrating an online storefront where he can have his products displayed.

The Process; Extracting relevant info & pulling out reference.

As with every logo project we have handled, we began from extracting relevant information from client’s design brief, discussing their ideas/concepts, brainstorming, and drawing out sketches of any possible concept. But for Nexus his the process was straight forward because he already has a picture of what he wants his logo to look like and represents. All we needed was request for existing reference to effectively project his concept.  

For existing logo reference, he gave us SeatGeek, a ticket search engine, and said he wants something exactly the same. He was particular about the chair to be the same. But we cannot give him something exactly the same as SeatGeek’s because it is a mark registered and associating with the SeatGeek company.

We asked why he chose SeatGeek. Part of his feedback was that SeatGeek’s logo was simple, fun, and minimal. Not much element added just like Apple.

Fonting & Typefaces

 After refining and scaling the chair we proceeded to decide the font and positioning then draft 3 versions.
We wanted the font to be the same family, bold, thin, and regular. Lato was just perfect. During our rounds of revisions, we were a bit skeptical about leaving the ‘furniture’ on lower case and thin, but he insisted. He just wanted the ‘Nexus’ and the chair to be the central focus and what commands attention.

Applying Colour

Playing around with colours we thought adding a little bit of depth (gradient) to the chair might change his mind, but it didn’t. He insisted on the logo being just blue and flat.


After his final rounds of revision next was his business card. There wasn’t any trouble during the process, neither was there any going back and forth. The process was smooth because since we designed his logo, we just maintained the words which the logo represent; Simple, Fun, and Minimal.

A user-friendly UI​​​​​​​

Next was his website.Our focus was mainly on the mobile experience since more than half of the population of internet users are mobile consumers.We compared the Ui of both device -desktop and mobile, to ensure it’s adaptable.
Now, Nexus is closer to his customers than ever. They can now check what’s in store, new, and what furniture is available for their budget without having to leave their comfort zones