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MyBudget HostingSunmi & Wale Towolawi: Wedding Branding Design

Sunmi & Wale Towolawi: Wedding Branding Design


For us, each singular piece of detail we bring together to capture a design matters, from custom photography, editing, brainstorming design concepts, and down to the elements used.


We began with the photography provided, took the subject from its background and gave it a new background. You can see the before and after of the photograph.

Obviously, they liked it.

We decided to make the invitation card rectangular to encourage white space and give a minimal feel. Making use of royal elements and floral for the background all makes a lot of sense since we wanted to project loyalty, ceremonial and purity, which of course is what encouraged White as the primary colour and Red as the secondary colour while grey becomes subtle.

Our goal was to maintain the design concept and keep things consistent across all designs. Few elements were repeated, fonts were maintained, up till the guest sign in which we decided to deviate a bit, but still keeping everything unified.


We handled their invitation card, book and pen, order of event, backdrop banner, and guest sign in front cover.

As a sign of courtesy, Sunmi & Wale Towolawi are the founders and current CEO’s at MBH.

Do you need help with designs in any areas of your business? You can either mail or call us.