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About us

We are a fast rising digital and web solutions company with an impeccable service and product delivery aimed at clients satisfaction

Our Mission

To improve customers experience through consistent provision of proficient ICT solutions thereby helping them to maximize profitability while we also grow our business.

Our Tagline

Our tagline is``...Web Solutions for every budget``. This was coined out of the desire to always provide solutions within our clients' budget.

Our Vision

We see ourselves being the leading web and digital solutions provider for S.M.E’s

Our Target Market

Our target audience are SMEs looking to grow and expand their businesses.

Our Core Value

Our four core values are: Creativity, Timeliness, Efficiency and Professionalism.

Our Philosophy

MyBudget Hosting believes that the service of a web and digital solutions provider should be an integral part of every business , regardless of size or nature of the organization.

Why Choose Us ?

We are proud of our professionalism and work ethic. We push harder until we get results. We have the valid experience and capacity to undertake any given digital/web project entrusted to us. Hire Us now for an unforgettable experience. We are driven to deliver!

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